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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your employees bonded, insured and background checked?

A: Yes, we conduct background checks prior to hiring all employees and we carry general liability, workman’s compensation and fidelity bonding on all employees.


Q: How do I begin with the downsizing process?

A: We support you by helping evaluate what to keep and what to dispose of based on your desires and what will fit into your new home.

Q: How long will downsizing take?

A: Every situation is different but during your free in-home consultation, we will determine an estimate of time.  If you feel like doing a little sorting each day, our job will go faster and save you money!

Q: How will I know what will fit?

A: We will create a floor plan, take all measurements and show you furniture placement suggestions based on your safety and comfort in your new home.

Q: How long does the move take?

A: Generally, for a studio or one-bedroom residence you will be packed and unpacked in 1-2 two days.  A larger move often takes 2-3 days.

Q: What if my family members want to help?

A: No problem.  We will work as a team to ensure your move goes smoothly with your family’s help.  We also can communicate directly with adult children to keep them informed of our progress if they can’t be there.


Q: Do you just unpack and leave?

A: Of course not!  We pride ourselves on this particular detail!  We unpack, fill the shelves, arrange your furniture and kitchen, hang artwork and wall décor and reconnect electronics. 

Q: Do you conduct estate sales?

A: In a post-covid world, we can arrange online estate auctions instead of traditional estate sales.  Items are bought by the highest bidder.  We want to provide peace of mind and avoid people coming to your home.

Q: Are there any other services you provide?

A: We can provide detailed photo inventory lists, shop and re-stock your pantry and refrigerator, install organization systems in your closets, arrange for cleaning after the move, stage your home for sale and much more. Our move managers will help determine what additional services will allow your transition to flow with a sense of ease.

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