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Every move with Montana Movers & Shakers is tailored to specific needs and requests. We work efficiently on the things that require additional attention to assure a timely move. We knows the key to success is your satisfaction with a job well done - so we always welcome your input and respect your wishes. We are happy to help arrange for a variety of services and referrals to aid your comfort during this transition.

Let us Handle the Details

We work with qualified professionals in all facets of the move
We can save you time, work and frustration
We stay connected during the entire process. 

How to Get it all Done

Communication - It can be difficult to keep up with everything during a move. Family members may need to be kept aware of the details of your rightsizing or relocation. Let us give them the details so you can focus your time with them on what really matters. 

Cleaning- There can be quite a mess under all the years of living in a home. Let us find you someone to clean up for you so you can enjoy being in your new environment.

Document Shredding - If there are important documents that need to be shredded, we can assure your information is destroyed.

Staging- If you are selling your home, we would love to help stage your residence so you can set it on the market and sold in a timely manner.

Storage- Sometimes moving or rightsizing means we have more things than we do space. Once the floor plan is done and the house is sorted & organized, if you have extra items, we can arrange storage here in the valley that serves your needs. 

Interior Designing- Our Interior Designer is available for additional consultation beyond the floor plan. 

Arranging Estate- We are happy to provide referrals so that your estate is handled with care. 

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